Can I Hire a Toronto Cab to Deliver a Parcel?

Hiring a cab to transport you from place to another is one thing; hiring the same to deliver a parcel is an entirely different thing. Besides the difficulty of finding such a service provider, there is also the matter of trust. You may find cab drivers who agree to take your parcel, but how can you be sure that they will deliver it to the right place or whether they will make the delivery at all?

Fortunately, there are a few cab companies in Toronto that provide parcel delivery services. One such company is Co-op Cabs based in Toronto. Our cooperative taxicab company has a large fleet of cabs manned by highly trained, licensed and experienced drivers who know the Greater Toronto Area like the back of their hands. You name a place and they will take you or your parcel there with ease.

Being in the taxicab business since 1956, we know that excellence in the service and safety of passengers are the two most important ingredients for success in this business. And the Co-op Cabs’ baggage delivery service is excellent proof of that.

So now that you know that you can hire a Toronto cab to deliver a parcel, you must be wondering how much it costs to send a parcel or item from one part of Toronto to another by taxicab. Here are the rates:

Accompanied parcels: There is no fixed charge for accompanied parcels, and is open for negotiation with your driver, depending on the size and weight of your item. You must agree upon the rate before the commencement of the trip.

Unaccompanied parcels, documents and other items: For small parcels, documents and other items that do not occupy a large space, we charge a minimum fare per trip, which is $10…..otherwise the meter rates will apply.

Our parcel delivery service is a convenient and quick way to get your parcel across town. Hire a Toronto cab from Co-op Cabs to ensure that your parcel is picked up and delivered on time at your desired destination.
So the next time you wish to deliver a parcel in Toronto, whether accompanied or not, remember Co-op Cabs. You can conveniently book the service by telephone or on our website.