Driver Profile: Mehran Mehrain

Driver number 870, Mehran Mehrain has been driving a cab in Toronto for 22 years and many more before moving to the city. He has learned the two keys to being a great driver is giving top-notch customer service and having a sense of humour.

Mr. Mehrain suggests that one of the easiest and best ways to go above and beyond with each passenger is to ask which route they prefer before starting the meter.

Since he works mostly at night, Mr. Mehrain meets many interesting passengers. He says that having a good sense of humour and to keep smiling is the best way to do a great job, no matter who gets into his taxi.

Being able to make enough money to travel and being in charge of his own taxi are two of Mr. Mehrain’s favourite things about his job.

Mehran Mehrain was awarded as Driver of the Month in July 2012.