How Can Co-op Cabs Help With My Special Event?

Organizing and running an event involves a lot of hard work and considerable amount of travel. There will be places to go, people to talk to and loads of things to do in preparation. If you are new in Toronto, or do not have a car of your own, then you will need to take the bus, streetcar or subway. But a cab is often a better option because it is fast, safe, comfortable and convenient. It picks you up from your doorsteps, drops you off at the mall or wherever you wish to go and has a large space for your things.

A cab comes especially handy when you have a special event like anniversary, birthday and wedding. Those are the times when you need to do a lot of shopping, get your guests to the venue and get them back to their home. You need a cab service that is prompt, reliable and economical. Only a big cab company with many years of experience and large fleet of taxis like Co-op Cabs can provide that kind of service in Toronto.

In any special event, Co-op Cabs can help you in the following ways:

**Prompt pickup**: No matter where you are in Toronto, Co-op Cabs’ taxi is never far away from you. It will be on its way to pick you up as soon as you make a phone call and arrive at your doorsteps within minutes. You can call a cab at any time you need one, day or night.

**Shopping**: When you take a Co-op Cabs taxi for shopping, the friendly and cheerful driver will be happy help you load your groceries and other items in the cab and also help unload them when you get home.

**Delivery service**: Co-op Cabs provides delivery service as well so that you can send flowers, gifts and other items to your loved ones anywhere in Toronto on your or their special day. The driver will personally collect the package and deliver it to the given address straightaway. There is a minimum charge of $10 per trip for parcel delivery.

**Pick up your guests**: Co-op Cabs can pick up your guests from anywhere in Toronto and bring them to your event. You can rest assured that your guests will arrive on time, and safe and sound ready for the fun.

**Drive your guests back to their home**: At the end of the party, Co-op Cabs’ taxis will drive your guests to their homes. You can go to sleep knowing your guests have arrived home safely without the worry and risks of drinking and driving.

As a cab company with a large fleet of cabs and many years of experience, Co-op Cabs knows just the kind of transportation service you need to make your special event a success. Our drivers are trained in the art of helpfulness, friendliness and cheerfulness. We will exceed your expectations, no matter how big or small your event is.