Training review underway at Co-op Cabs

Co-op Cabs is renewing its driver training program!

For our 55 year history, Co-op Cabs has been a leader in equipping our drivers will the tools they need to be safe and effective. Now management is taking things to the next level.

Co-op has hired the best in the business to review its training program and provide recommendations on how we can do things better.

Glenn Steeves developed, instructed, administered and managed the City of Toronto’s taxi training program over the course of his 30 year career. He was the Manager of Taxi Training in the Municipal Licensing and Standards Division where he developed City of Toronto new taxi and limousine programs and collaborated with other municipalities in the development of their training programs.

General Manager Peter Zahakos hired Mr. Steeves to modernize and improve Co-op’s training program and he isn’t wasting any time.

Co-op drivers are required to take an orientation course within two weeks of being hired. Co-op also offers training on Wheel-Trans policy and procedures and the Q-STRAINT Occupant Securement System (accessible van service).

Mr. Steeves reviewed all existing training and has made a series of recommendations regarding how to improve the systems that are in place.

Mr. Steeves is also updating the other areas of training and has recommended that all drivers complete the Canada Safety Council (CSC) defensive driving course as part of the standard training, which is now being adopted.

This CSC course includes a section on vulnerable road users, which is an area that Co-op Cabs is particularly interested in enhancing in the coming months.

While there is still much to do, Co-op’s investment in improved training for drivers is sure to pay off, especially when that charge is being led by one of Toronto’s finest, Mr. Glenn Steeves.